Our Interest

A) Product Development as per Customer Needs and Commercially Supplying the Same:
For very long time, we have been working with all the multinational companies in India and many companies abroad mainly into the field of advanced intermediates of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients.

This field requires strong knowledge of Synthetic Organic Chemistry. Given a Structure of the compound, we have the capability to develop the molecule in the Laboratory Scale and scaling up the process and manufacture the same on Plant Level in the Commercial Quantities.

Developing such compounds require handling of various different type of reactions and handling of lots of hazardous chemicals. The manufacturing facility requires variety of Equipments for Pilot Studies and for Commercial manufacturing. Our manufacturing team has been well adapted to handling all these types of reaction s and Raw Materials. This gives us the Edge in the development and commercially manufacturing Custom Synthesis Molecules.

We are looking forward to the Potential Customers for Development, Manufacture and Supply of these Products on Commercial Scale Contract Manufacturing.

B) Under License Manufacturing:
Almost all our customers have visited our manufacturing facilities and they are quite satisfied with them. Now, we are looking forward to the potential customers to do the Under Licensing Manufacturing on behalf of then in India. We fully understand that to develop a molecule , it requires lots of hard work and efforts. For under license manufacturing agreement, we ensure all type of secrecy as far as the process is concerned and also manufacturing of Required Quantities in Given Time.

C) Contract Research :
As outlined earlier, our main strength is the Research in Synthetic Organic Chemistry. To fully utilize this potential, we are starting an independent Contract Research Facility. Here we are planning to get the molecules developed based on the Customers Requirements. Given a Structure, we can Develop Molecule.

Here, we can develop molecule and supply the commercial quantities to the customer or we can get the molecule developed and outsource the process to the customer.

D) Synthesis of Potential Impurities :
We understand that synthesis of potential impurities is one of the most toughest task in synthetic organic chemistry. So in the contract research division we are planning to assign a dedicated facility for the synthesis of potential impurities.