Safety & Hygiene

1. Routine Testing Of drinking water and maintaining Records.
2. Routine Medical Check Ups of all employees and maintaining Records.
3. Use of suitable PPES as required by Particular Unit Operation.
4. Medical and Life Insurance for all employees.
5. Safety Showers and Eye Washers.
6. Cleaning SOP & Records for Canteen, Toilets, Change Room etc.
7. Equipments Preventive Maintenance and Testing as Prescribed by Govt Guidelines.
8. Effective Gardening.
9. HAZOP Study, & Onsite Emergency Plan, are in place.
10. Mock drills for Safety + Safety Alarm + First Aide Box.
11. Safety Trainings.
12. Fire Hydrants & Fire Extinguishers.
13. Earthing for Static Electricity & Lighting Arrestor.
14. Environment Aspect / Impact Study.
15. Yearly Environmental Audit Report.
16. Group Risk Assessment.
17. Routine Pest Control & Records.