Discover our journey as pioneers in pharmaceutical innovation


To become Globally preferred partner in Intermediates & APIs with focus on 4 key areas

At Royal Pharma, we aspire to be the globally preferred partner for Intermediates & APIs. Our relentless focus on safety, quality, technology, and innovation drives us towards empowering the world with pharmaceutical excellence.





our values

The compass guiding our every endeavor


Royal Pharma is a USFDA-approved and WHO GMP-certified pharmaceutical manufacturing company. Our advanced facility and infrastructure are designed to meet stringent quality standards.


At Royal Pharma, research and development (R&D) forms a crucial aspect of our expertise, as we concentrate on creating innovative and efficient methods for pharmaceutical production.

Reaction capabilities 

At Royal Pharma, we specialize in all types of organic synthesis, mastering complex reactions like Thiophosgenation, Hydrogenation, Heck Reaction, Grignard Reaction, and more


At Royal Pharma, safety is paramount alongside our commitment to innovation and excellence. We believe that a secure environment is the foundation for efficient R&D ensuring the well-being of our team and the quality of our pharmaceutical solutions. Our dedication to safety, combined with a culture of innovation, defines our pursuit of excellence in every aspect of our operations.


Our activities are guided by unwavering ethical principles, transparency and honesty at the core of everything we do.


we prioritize innovation and excellence. Our commitment to continuous R&D drives process improvement and product innovation. We leverage advanced technologies, fostering a culture of creativity to deliver solutions that elevate healthcare standards. Innovation isn't just a goal; it's a core value propelling us as pharmaceutical leaders.

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