Elevating EHS Standards through ISO Certifications
Together, these certifications form a robust framework, integrating environmental sustainability and occupational health and safety into our core operations and sets the standard for EHS excellence in our industry.

Our Sustainability Policies

"Responsible Workforce, Responsible Chemistry"

Royal pharma takes a holistic approach towards sustainability. We optimize the use of available resources, such as raw materials, utilities and human resources to minimize our environmental footprint.

Practising Sustainable Commerce

Our actions are guided by our purpose of ‘Right Chemistry for a Brighter Tomorrow’ with the core values of ‘Care, Integrity and Excellence’ forming the basis of our ethical framework.

Royal Management System

To guide our actions in a responsible manner, we have adopted a ‘6 S’ framework, which comprises Structure, Systems, Style, Staff, Skills, and Strategy.

Hot Water Circulation System policy

  • Instead of Steam, utilize Hot Water Circulation System for sub-80 °C reactions
  • Implement Rain Water Harvest system
  • Focus on Process enhancement to reduce water consumption, particularly for high-water use materials.

Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD)

  • Current process is treated effluent sent to CETP, undergoing additional treatment to meet government-prescribed norms, backed by agreements & MWML Membership
  • Our upcoming E-128 Facility, a 50 KLPD ZLD system will treat low & high COD Streams seperately.

Using solar energy

Integrating solar energy into our operations by installing photovoltaic panels on our premises providing a susitainable & cost-effective source of power for various processes.

The objective of RMS is to inculcate excellence in each dimension of business to achieve these strategic objectives. Furthermore, seven pillars have been identified under RMS and standards, systems and stakeholder engagement processes have been developed under each pillar.
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